Company Profile

  • Name Amvis Holdings, Inc.
  • Exchange listing, securities code Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime, 7071
  • Business description Nursing homes, home nursing care, home care, in-home care support, disability welfare services (in-home care, etc.), consulting service and other ancillary businesses
  • Representative Keiichi Shibahara, Representative Director and CEO
  • Headquarters 7F Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance TEPCO Building
    1-6-1 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0031, Japan
  • Established October 2016
  • Employees (consolidated) 2,756 (as of September 30, 2022)
  • Group companies Amvis, Inc. (established in September 2013),
    Ashitano Iryo, Inc. (established in March 2020)
  • Directors and Audit & Supervisory Board members Keiichi Shibahara, Rrepresentative Director and CEO
    Tetsuya Nakagawa, Director and CFO
    Shingo Yamaguchi, Director
    Nobutaka Ushigome, Director (outside)
    Tsuyoshi Yamada, Director (outside)
    Ryoji Arai, Full-Time Audit & Supervisory Board Member (outside)
    Shinkichi Matsuo, Audit & Supervisory Board Member (outside)
    Takahiro Sugawara, Audit & Supervisory Board Member (outside)

Corporate History

  1. September 2013

    Amvis, Inc. established in the city of Kuwana, Mie Prefecture, to engage in home nursing care, home care, and ancillary businesses

  2. May 2014

    Relocated beds from a former hospital to a nursing home as Ishinkan Nabari in the city of Nabari, Mie Prefecture, commencing trial business under the “in-home hospital beds” (Ishinkan) model

  3. August 2014

    Opened Ishinkan Ama in the city of Ama, Aichi Prefecture
    Leased a newly established nursing home, the first facility to open under the Ishinkan model

  4. October 2016

    Amvis Holdings, Inc. established in Yaesu Chuo-ku, Tokyo through a stock transfer
    Transitioned to a holding company structure, with Amvis, Inc. as a wholly owned subsidiary

  5. October 2019

    Amvis Holdings, Inc. listed on the JASDAQ (Standard) market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange

  6. March 2020

    Ashitano Iryo, Inc., whose name means “future medicine,” established as a consolidated subsidiary with the main purpose of providing comprehensive support on the management of medical institutions and care facilities

  7. April 2022

    With the Tokyo Stock Exchange's market restructuring, Amvis Holdings, Inc. transitioned to the Standard market

  8. September 2022

    Opened 16 facilities in the fiscal year ended September 30, 2022(total 58 facilities, 2,802 beds)

  9. March 2023

    Amvis Holdings, Inc. changed its listing to the Prime market

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